Get Ready for a Book Signing and Book Sales on the Cruise

We love Great news!

We’ve just added brand new value to the Publishing At Sea cruise … it’s a HUGE Ta Dah!

Good NewsWe’ve been able to arrange an official Royal Caribbean sanctioned book signing event during our cruise.

This is important as an author to you for 3 very important reasons . . .

  • You’ll be able to actually sell your book on board.
  • You’ll learn how to work a book signing.
  • You can get very important PR photos of you signing books for your websites, your publicity kits, etc.

And if this weren’t enough, Daniel Hall is going to be teaching Cruise Ship Speaking, and how to go about selling your book on board anytime you cruise whether you’re speaking or not.

If you are still on the fence and haven’t yet signed up for the 8-day Publishing At Sea cruise from January 21-29 that departs from Ft. Lauderdale, FL and visits Puerto Rico, St. Kitts, St. Maarten and Haiti … the clock is ticking. We would love to have you … there are only 3 cabins left — is one yours?

Call or email Judith Briles today to grab your spot NOW!
[email protected] or 303-885-2207

Why Cruising and Learning How to Publish Create Smooth Sailing!

Still thinking about joining the 4th annual Publishing at Sea Cruise for authors? We added 6 cabins – will one be yours? 


  1. The Publishing at Sea Cruise qualifies as educational … meaning that it is tax deductible. Your travel expenses, your cruise costs, your workshop costs–all will be declared on your tax return as a business expense. When was the last time you did a true working vacation that was fully tax-deductible?
  2. Will you have FUN? Absolutely–when in Port, you enjoy the country. Whether it’s enjoying the beaches; learning how cook the cuisine; zip lining through the tree tops; touring islands; visiting museums and other unique attractions.
  3. Will you learn a lot? Are you kidding …you will come away with so many ideas, new strategies and the connections to assist you in implementing them. Your speakers–your faculty are all seasoned pros who are exceptional in their expertise and communication skills. All sessions are held during “At Sea” days. You will be in your “floating classroom” from 8 a.m. to noon and 3 – 5 p.m. Otherwise–your time is yours.
  4. Are the speakers good? Does it snow in Alaska? … of course, they are good. In fact, they are sensational. Combined, your presenters have made over 1,000 presentations; been featured on over 2,000 radio, TV and print media spots; have hundreds of thousands of Fans and Followers. And you will be up front and close with them.
  5. Will you get one-on-one time with speakers? Yes indeed–in fact, we build it in that each participant gets 30 minutes time–you can take advantage of it during the cruise or post.
  6. What is covered in the cruise costs? Your cruise package includes: all meals, your port taxes, your gratuities, entertainment on board for shows, your “berth” in your cabin (all cabins are priced per person with two in a cabin–see ‘pricing’ for have a ‘solo’ cabin versus a shared–ideally, you have a cabin mate for best pricing).
  7. What is not included? Adult beverages, sodas, specialty restaurants—meaning not in the main dining rooms or the many ‘free eating spots around the ship’; wi-fi packages; any ship photos that you have taken and want by on-board photographers; anything that you buy within the many shops on board or when on shore; or any shore excursions. And, if you hit the gaming tables, you are on your own. You are responsible for ALL travel necessary to get to the Everglades Port in Fort Lauderdale, FL–your departure site.
  8. What about wi-fi? Royal Caribbean has done a great job when it comes to wi-fi throughout the ship. For approximately $100, it’s yours 24/7 for the week for one device; for two around $40 more. This changes and we’ve seen prices drop over the last two years. When you are on land, you revert to whatever mobile plan you have in place.
  9. What is you get sick or have an accident? Great question–your ship has an excellent medical facility on the second level. If fact, it’s not uncommon to discover passengers having dialysis, stitches or a variety of situations. Ships routinely handle a variety of routine and emergency situations. If you need any special medical support while a guest, please let us know so we can notify them of your needs.
  10. What should you bring? Cruises are casual. Classes will be that way. During the week, there will be two “dress up” dinners. Judith’s idea of dressing up is adding a blingie top and flashy earrings. In other words, it’s your choice. As a group, we will have special tables for dinner.

    Make sure you have a current Passport; bring a colored copy of it separate in your suitcase in case you lose yours (it does happen); bring any medications you need; bring a couple of credit cards and leave the rest at home (always a good idea to call your credit card company and let them know you are traveling); bring your medical information for insurance purposes if needed; make sure you check out your mobile contract -what it covers and doesn’t–call your provider and let them know you are on a cruise (Royal Caribbean, Freedom of the Seas — St. Kits, Puerto Rico, Haiti, St. Maarten’s. 

ARE YOU READY? ... call Judith Briles to secure your spot–303-885-2207 or email, [email protected] … you don’t want to miss the publishing ship!

Commit by June 30th – Prices Increase July 1st for Publishing at Sea!

How would you live multiple days in the Caribbean in the midst of January 2017? No snow. Most likely no rain. Warm sun … gorgeous water … great food … amazing new friends … learning new things … a working vacation that is tax deductible. PubAtSea2017

Sounds good to me. Evaluations from the past three years have been excellent … let’s add yours!

Last year we were sold out. Already HALF the cabins are committed for the second week–for developing and achieving authors. The dates are January 21-29.

The week before, we will be focusing on all things “newbie”–it’s an overwhelming world, this thing called publishing. This special session was created from our 2016 class–they wanted more on the “tech” side, but presented in a way that aspiring authors could grasp and implement immediately. Plus they wanted a whole section on Platform building. We listened and created a week before to deliver just that… the dates are January 15-21.

The ship is the beautiful Freedom of the Seas on the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line. 

Here’s an idea: do a “Back-to-Back” … spend two fabulous weeks on RCCL (with 8 of them visiting Ports and playing, 6 at Sea days (which means you are in class). If you are interested … call me at 303-885-2207 or email me at [email protected] now. I will be happy to explain how it works. 

All of us within the Publishing at Sea Faculty look forward to an amazing cruise with you.

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