Authors are incredibly interesting and just the opportunity to hang out with them in this marvelous space would make the experience worthwhile. I’ve had such a wonderful time on these cruises that I just keep coming back. This time will be #6! What I learn in each session helps me to create and sell more and better books, but what I’ve learned from the generous sharing of the faculty and participants between sessions has been every bit as valuable. Thank you Judith!

Laurie Weiss , Author

Judith, I wanted to comment on my experiences with your program Authors at Sea. The faculty staff you gather to present relevant author/publish topics has definitely helped me be a better writer, revealed many publishing secrets, and helped me and my co-author craft much better covers for our books and short stories. Thanks for your tolerance of my endless questions during the classes but I’m the kind of author that wants to know the how’s and why’s of turning out a better book. To paraphrase, I like knowing how the sausage is made, so I keep digging. Sometimes when I think I’ve pinned one of your speakers on a topic, they grin at me before I end up  giving them a good, strong listening to. 😁
I like the hands-on class work that helps reinforce the lesson topics that let me see how much more I need to learn. However, the best value I get from the Authors at Sea is the personal interaction with other authors particularly at dinner. After we’ve all had a couple of our favorite adult beverages, we all start interacting which yields new colleagues to bounce ideas off of. 
Most of all I appreciate how you have structured the lessons so that we have free time to take in the on- shore sights and local fun. Your Authors at Sea program is the best working vacation for an author. Please keep the topics fresh and top of mind and I’ll continue to attend.
best regards.
Charles Breakfield, Author

I first met Judith on a Publishing At Sea cruise in 2017. Besides loving cruises, I looked forward to meeting other authors. Judith has been my mentor and friend ever since. My husband and I look forward to her annual Publishing At Sea cruises and reconnecting with our author friends (we’re already booked for 2025.)

Marian Hays, Author

Publishing at Sea is a combination cruise and learning experience. Outstanding presentations covering all the things you didn’t know about publishing your book (and were afraid to ask) mixed with all the reasons for going on a cruise. But the best thing is getting to know your fellow authors!

Pat Williams, Author

Publishing at Sea is an incredible experience. I’ve had a chance to network with new authors and industry experts, plus added tips and tricks.to improve my writing and marketing. Get this, learn a lot, and see marvelous destinations like the Caribbean. Heck, it became a location for one of my short stories, Caribbean Dream. Thanks, Judith, for guiding me to improve.

Rox Burkey, Author

Thank you is not enough! Bill and I had a fabulous time on the Publishers at Sea cruise but more important is what we learned. We have never felt so encouraged, uplifted and supported as we were by you and your incredibly talented team! We have so many take-aways that I’m already putting to use today. Bill has reached out to Bret and I’m online checking out Amazon Advantage and all the other tips I received from everyone…my brain is on overload!

We are looking forward to selling many more books this year and sharing Sir Pigglesworth’s smile around the world…you are the BEST!!!!!

We also enjoyed meeting so many talented authors who shared their authoring journey with us. We are so glad we made the commitment to attend and can’t wait for next years cruise! I know it will be as awesome as it was this year.

Bill and JoAnn Wagner

Wow! That course and cruise were great! Thank you!
We had a wonderful time and the amount and quality of what was learned was above and beyond! Loud huzzahs to you and your faculty!

David Sovine

Nelson ScottWhat a powerful team the Publishing at Sea faculty is—months later, I’m still sifting through all my notes. So much information! I have pages listing actions I need to take now that I have such a better understanding of the business of publishing. The feedback I got on my book cover—it will allow me to do a better job on my next book. Thank you!

Nelson Scott

A very worthwhile conference. Content and speakers were well prepared and dynamic in their presentations. Judith took extra time with each participant to help them clarify their ideas. The cruise and accommodations were wonderful. Had morning coffee on the balcony each morning, overlooking the ocean. Would highly recommend.

Mary Kachoyeanos

Frank VictoriaTHANK YOU for doing this. It was an AMAZING week with all of you. As much as publishing is a huge topic – and at times I felt overwhelmed – I also felt like I was in the best hands possible! You, Joan, Amy and Georgia are WONDERFUL. I am honored to work with you as my book shepherd and I look forward to working with each of them as my book project unfolds!

Frank Victoria, author of The Founder’s Plot

Patsy KrakoffWow. What a talented group of writers. Judith, you rock, and it’s not because of the ship. I learned a ton of stuff. Thanks also to Amy Collins, Joan Stewart and Georgia!

Patsi Krakoff, blogger at The Blog Squad

Pat Morgan What an experience. The people. The places. The workshops. The ship. My only regret: more time, more time, more time. Loved it that we had full days off to play and when we worked, we worked. I’ll be back!

Pat Morgan, author of The Concrete Killing Fields