Publishing at Sea Presents …

Navigating the High Seas of Publishing for Your Book’s Success!

* Be sure your passport is current!

The instructors are ready to invest their
time, enthusiasm, energy, knowledge and awesome humor into you and your book.
Our question is: are you ready to invest in you and your book?
If yes, we’ll see you on board!

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Allure Cruise Ship Dining is at 5.30 p.m. for our group guests.  You will get the workbook for all sessions on Board at the first session and any “pre” work will be sent out via email at least two weeks prior to departure.

Call Judith at 303-885-2207 if you have any questions.

For the DIY cruise bookers … if you don’t book within our group and decide to book your cruise yourself OR if you don’t want a balcony room, yet are planning to attend all workshops, your add-on fee will be $695.

NOTE … make sure that you have a current Passport. You will need it to Board the ship. At Boarding, you will be given a special SeaPass with your photo that will be your official ID throughout the cruise and in all Ports. Yes, Internet is available on board the ship. Ship Ahoy!