Get ready for a popcorn-packed 60 minutes of hot tips … you can’t stop eating!

30 Sizzling Tips for Authors Pops this Week … and We Are Going to Sea!

I have six questions for you today.

1 Would you like to know instantly … I mean instantly … what the keywords and key phrases that the top influencers in your industry or the best-selling authors you consider your competitors are using?

2 Would you like to learn one, make your book pop off the shelf book trick that will make your book soar in “pick up” in a bookstore?

3 Would you like to know how to use some of the latest marketing tools from Amazon that really work?

4 Would you like to learn some savvy tips and tricks on creating stories, narratives, and scene set-ups … for both fiction and nonfiction?

5 Would you like to know some cool tech tricks to make your authoring life so much easier?

6 Would you like to know what the #1 thing is to add to your website to gather a zillion emails?


You should and I’m going to tell you on Tuesday, July 11th in a webinar with several of my publishing expert pals. Some you know, some you may not. Joan Stewart, the Publicity Hound will share a variety of tips to get you noticed. Mara Purl, author-publisher-narrator-writing coach, will reveal a variety of tips to move you beyond just writing. Rebecca Finkel, multi-award winning book and a cover designer will goose you into thinking differently about what you put in front of people. Kelly Johnson, the ace author virtual assistant will reveal new tools and tips for authors that only a geek girl like her would discover. Amy Collins, Amazon sleuth and library expert will reveal how you can wiggle into places and get noticed that few know about. They will join me … and yes, we will let you know the latest in our ongoing adventures on Publishing at Sea 2018. This is our faculty.

Webinar date and time is Tuesday, July 11th at 6 ET, 5 CT, 4 MT, 3 PT

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