About Sandy Lawrence

I am definitely a “people person” and I love my clients. My team and I work passionately to take our client’s message to the world. We help them Break through, Get noticed, and Be known.

I am many things to different people, depending on who is talking to you. I am a publicist and more for my clients, whom I adopt into my extended family. I am an International speaker, International bestselling author and creator of Do It Yourself (DIY) programs. I always loved the business model for Home Depot. They sold you anything you need to do the work yourself and if you didn’t know how, they sold you training or they would find someone to do it for you. That is my goal for Perceptive PR. We are the Home Depot of Public Relations firms.

I have received many awards the last 16 years. The one for which I am especially proud is for being #17 in Houston’s Top 25 Social Media Influencers. I want to show my clients that visibility and recognition are possible even in this Digital age in which we live.

I have written a couple of books and working this year – 2018 – on my next one. This one will be an inspirational book about words. For years I have chosen a word at the beginning of the year which I called my “word of the year.” This year I am focusing on “words.” So, each month I will select a new word and write about it. Stay tuned for the launch of the book sometime in 2019.