About Danielle Hampson

Creator of The Authors Show in 2005 one of the top author promotion podcasts, she’s a pioneer in

Internet streaming radio & TV—long before it became popular. Today, the show is the most professional interview program available to authors worldwide.  
Danielle is an accomplished talk show personality and a public speaker on the topics of “Increase Your Visibility Using Online Radio and TV,” “New Media Book Marketing in the 21st Century,” “How to Use Online Media to Stand Out of the Crowd,” and “Networking Done the Right Way.”

Get ready to learn “How to Use Online Media to Stand out of the Crowd” explains in plain and simple English how new online media tools can be utilized to enhance the exposure of your work to the book buying public. You will acquire a clear understanding of the value of incorporating audio/video in your book marketing strategy; how to conduct a professional media interview and avoid common interview mistakes.