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Developing & Achieving Authors: January 21-28, 2018

Your Publishing at Sea Faculty is skilled in a variety of areas – learn from the experts!

You will have solid days of class during the “at sea” cruising days.

When in Port, we want you to relax and play — that’s the vacation part.

Your Faculty will be available for one-on-one time throughout the cruise.


JBriles200x200Judith Briles
The Book Shepherd

  • Book Marketing Savvy: Discovering and Building Your Niche Markets … Horizontally and Vertically
  • How to Create Hour First $1,000,000 Talk
  • Finding Super Readers and Developing Super Fans
  • The 5 Types of Markets, How They Work, and How Much You Will Make in: Retail, Wholesale, Online, Corporate/Associations and Direct
  • How Exactly Amazon Works: The Details, Ins and Outs
  • How to Pitch Your Book to Potential Buyers


Joan Stewart

Joan Stewart
The Publicity Hound

  • How to find hooks and angles for your book publicity
  • How to Become the Go-to Expert in Your Topic, Even if You Write Fiction



Rebecca Finkel
F & P Graphic Design

  • Tips and Tricks in Creating a Book Promo Trailer that Hooks Readers
  • On Top of the Covers and Between the Sheets
  • Creating Classy eBooks




Mara Purl
Milford Haven Novels

  • Story Telling Needs Narrative that Grabs the Reader … Fiction and NonFiction



Kelly Johnson

Kelly Johnson
Cornerstone Virtual Assistance

  • The Latest in Author Tools to Soar Your Website




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