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Joel Friedlander

Amy Collins

“Writers change the world one reader at a time. But you can’t change the world with a book that’s unpublished. Self-publishing puts your book in readers’ hands.”

Joel has used his background in book design, advertising, graphic design to create this collection of over 700 articles that are authoritative, easy to understand, and fair-minded. The information he provides on his blog has helped guide thousands of authors just like you as they made their way through the publishing process.

Joel Friedlander is the author of “Body Types: The Enneagram of Essence Types.” He has won the AIGA “50 Books of the Year Award” for his work at Aperture Publishing, and the Printing Industries of America Gold Award for his book design and production. He is the owner of Marin Bookworks of San Rafael, California. Joel is also the author of the Self-Publisher’s Quick & Easy Guides, a series of subject-specific e-books that help to solve questions for self-publishers.

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