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Book Publishing Costs and Critical Timelines:

What to Expect When You Are Expecting


This presentation was extremely informative about all of the things you have to expect to go through as an author with a debut book coming out.  Expenses, people and services you will have to hire, and all the travails a first time author goes through in the publishing process are covered.  This is a must view presentation for any author who wants to find out the challenges they will face so that they will know what to expect. 

Terrence Crimmins, Author of Hostages- Captives of a Middle Eastern Terrorist and International Intrigue

Publishing CostsOne of the secrets to writing a successful book goes far beyond the writing. If you want a profitable book, you must be aware of all the important publishing deadlines you will have to meet, and expenses you’ll incur–a reality that shocks many authors.

Book shepherd Judith Briles will explain how publishing a book is like giving birth. She’ll tell what you need to do, and when–and how much it will cost–during this 90-minute webinar.

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Book Publishing CostsYou will learn: 

  • An overview of your publishing timeline, from start to finish–and beyond. 
  • Critical deadlines that deserve top priority. 
  • Where most authors get tripped up and bogged down. 
  • Secondary deadlines where you can fudge (just a little) 
  • The amount you should budget for a good-quality book so you’re not surprise (and broke) halfway through the project. 
  • Where to find money if you must publish but the bucks just aren’t there. 
  • Expenses you might not have thought about 
  • Judith’s tips on how you can still be a savvy author/publisher even on a tight budget   

If you’re book is already published, join us anyway! We’ll keep you from making expensive mistakes the second time around.


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